The faithful, who recite this prayer devoutly on the solemn day of Pentecost, are granted:
An indulgence of 3 years; A plenary indulgence on the usual conditions.
O Holy Spirit, Who on the solemn day of Pentecost didst suddenly
descend upon the Apostles gathered in the Upper Room in parted tongues as
it were of fire and didst so enlighten their minds, inflame their hearts, and
strengthen their wills, that thence forth they went through the entire world
and courageously and confidently proclaimed everywhere the teaching of
Christ and sealed it with the shedding of their blood, renew, we beseech Thee,
the wondrous outpouring of Thy grace in our hearts also.
How grievously our minds are afflicted with ignorance concerning the
nature and dignity of those Divine truths which form the object of faith,
without which no man may hope for salvation. How far men go astray from a
just estimation of earthly goods, which too often are put before the soul itself.
How often our hearts do not beat with love of the Creator as they ought, but
rather with an ignoble lust for creatures. How often are we led by a false
respect for human judgment, when we ought to profess openly the precepts of
Jesus Christ and to reduce them to action with a sincere heart and with the
loss, if need be, of our worldly substance. What weakness we manifest in
embracing and carrying with a serene and willing heart the crosses of this life,
which alone can make the Christian a worthy follower of His Divine Master.
O Holy Spirit, enlighten our minds, cleanse our hearts, and give new
strength to our wills; to such a degree, at least, that we may clearly recognize
the value of our soul, and in like manner, despise the perishable goods of this
world; that we may love God above all things, and, for the love of Him, our
neighbor as ourselves; that we may not only be free from fear in professing
our faith publicly, but rather may glory in it; finally, that we may accept not
only prosperity but also adversity as from the hand of the Lord, with all
confidence that He will turn all things into good for those who lovingly tend
towards Him. Grant, we beseech Thee, that we, by constantly answering the
sweet impulses of Thy grace and doing that which is good with a persevering
heart, may deserve one day to receive the rich reward of glory everlasting.