Prayer to Saint Joseph by Pope Leo XIII to be recited daily after the Rosary in October

To thee, O Blessed Joseph, we have
recourse in our affliction, and having
implored the help of thy thrice holy Spouse,
we now with hearts filled with confidence
earnestly beg thee also to take us under thy
protection. By that charity wherewith thou
wast united to the Immaculate Virgin Mother
of God, and by that fatherly love with which
thou didst cherish the Child Jesus, we
beseech thee and we humbly pray that thou
wilt look down with gracious eye upon that
inheritance which Jesus Christ purchased by
His Blood, and wilt succor us in our need by
thy power and strength.
Defend, O most watchful guardian of the
Holy Family, the chosen offspring of Jesus
Christ. Keep from us, O most loving Father,
all blight of error and corruption. Aid us
from on high, most valiant defender, in this
conflict with the powers of darkness. And
even as of old thou didst rescue the Child
Jesus from the peril of His life, so now
defend God’s Holy Church from the snares of
the enemy and from all adversity.
Shield us ever under thy patronage, that,
following thy example and strengthened by
thy help, we may live a holy life, die a happy
death, and attain to everlasting bliss in
heaven. Amen.


The Holy Rosary is recited
every day of the month of October before the Blessed
Sacrament exposed at the seminary chapel at 5:00
pm. All are welcome to attend.


We ask all
parishioners to recite the prayer to Saint Joseph
(found on the back of the bulletin) following your
daily Rosary during the month of October, as
prescribed by Pope Leo XIII.


Weather permitting,
there will be a Rosary procession on Friday, October
7, at 10:15 am. If we are not able to have the
procession, the Rosary will be recited in the church.


There will be
a Catholic doctrine class this Thurs., Oct. 6, at 7:00
pm in the seminary classroom. The topic will be
“What is Jurisdiction?” All are welcome to attend.
It will be live-streamed for those who can’t attend.


As usual, we will have an “Open
House” at MIQ Church on Sunday, October 16, for
the Fatima Conference guests. We ask the
parishioners to provide a dish for the breakfast after
the 9:00 am Mass.


We encourage you to use the main
parking lot if able to do so, reserving the spaces in the
upper parking lot for the elderly and those who need
them. Also, be sure to keep the entrance to the
cemetery road clear.